Incident Command System 100 (ICS-100)

ICS 100  training is delivered in a  classroom training session with evaluation criteria by a written exam.Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of: 

  • List the five major organizational activities within the Incident Command System and explain their primary functions. 
  • Give the titles, and explain the duties of Command and General Staff members. 
  • Match organizational units to appropriate Operations, Planning, Logistics, or Finance Sections. 
  • Match supervisory titles with appropriate levels within the organization. 
  • Describe the terms used to name major incident facilities, and state the function of each. 
  • Describe what an Incident Action Plan is and how it is used at an incident. 
  • Describe how span of control functions within the incident organization and in the use of resources. 
  •  Describe the common responsibilities (general instructions) associated with incident or event assignments. 
  • Describe several applications for the use of ICS.